Reuse my crypto
The Universal
Multistaking Platform
Use *ANY tokens to get rewards
Capture $water
Step 1: Colonization
Tiles automatically mine $water from Rain. Be fast to colonize yours, every next Tile tier doubles in price.
Buy your Tiles!
Mid of Nov
Step 2: Water Drop
50% of all Tile owners will automatically receive the initial water drop.
Mid of Nov
Step 3: Rain
The water cycle begins. The Rains start falling, pouring $water in Tiles.
Mid of Nov
Step 4: Alliance wars
Complete conflict and alliance mechanics deployed. Let the action begin!
Buy your Tiles!
You own Tile
There are 516,000,000 Tiles on the Surface and we’re starting Colonization.
Win $water
You can own some of them to mine Water Token from the Cloud. That means earn money.
Multistaking Platform
Put your crypto to work
Multistake *any Crypto
Colonization has begun!
Current Step 1: Colonization
go to buy tiles
to start mining and getting water
Tiles are available to buy
Start price for the buying per Tile
Limited supply
One Dollar Sale🔥💧
You can join any moment, but the first gets the lowest cost to enter the game. Be quick to buy from 1 to 9 tiles at a smashing $1 rate. The Tiles’ price doubles in each 51,600 units.
More about Sale 👁‍🗨
Colonization is a Public Tiles’ Sale. To start mining and getting water you need to have at least one Tile — don’t waste your time and colonize yours while you can!
Deposit ANY(!) Token
to get Rewards
Earn Water Tokens $WTR through algorithmic drops called Rains
Multistake any CryptoDiscover more
Once again
Put ANY tokens inside a staking slot
Get rewards in universal liquidity token – Water – $WTR
Rewater your crypto!Discover more
Get started!
Infrustrature Partner
I’ts easy to Start
One. Two. Gain!
Step 1
Get a Tile
Tiles are Deposit Slots for assets. The Surface space is limited.
Own your land plot!
Buy Tiles
Step 2
Stake any Token
Get regular rewards on your stake.
Wait for the Rain
and collect $WTR!
Stake Assets
Step 3
Compete for APY
Engage into crypto conflicts to gain assets from others!
Accumulate power! Accumulate influence! Unite your allies and spread your influence!
For the smartest
Re:water is a systemic decentralized economic model based on to the natural water cycle principle.

Re:water operates with tokens of water $WTR – the universal liquidity token. $WTR provides the ability for symbiotic interactions between thousands of different projects in a unified “water” system.

Such a model was designed to unify disjointed segments of the industry.

Various tokens cross-blockchain now can participate within a single ecosystem.

re:water provides stability and independence for crypto assets and their communities involved on the Platform. Its aim is to consolidate the majority of the crypto industry in a unified ecosystem.

Rewater your crypto!

*the next chapter is about to unfold.  Stay tuned.
Media about re:water
...make WTR one of the best-performing assets in the cryptocurrency space in 2022
Resurect your altcoins to be one of the top crypto projects of 2022
Don’t invest, re:use!
re:water is an ambitious project from a well-known team in the field of social-media + fin-tech
November, Weeks 2–3
Water Drop Lottery
50% шанс получить Токены воды в Тайл. Призовой фонд будет выбран по результатам One Dollar Sale Campain.
DEX launch
Запуск децентрализованной биржи. Продавай или покупай токены воды, готовься.
Each Tile participate!
Nov, Week 3
Mining Launch
One Dollar Sale
Успей купить от 1 до 3 Тайлов по беспрецедентной цене $1. Tile Price is increase twice every Step. One Step — 51,600 purchased Tiles.
Limited Proposition
Price starts from One Dollar but increase twice every 51,600nd Tile
Next Step
Среди Тайлов будут разыграны токены воды!
Just $1 × Tile️
Лучший момент, чтобы войти в проект! Hurry up!
Tile is one of the 516,000,000 mining pools on the liquidity field that attracts Water Tokens from Cloud
Cloud is Repository of Liquidity contains 156,000,000,000 Water Tokens that are algorithmically distributing to the Tiles
January 2022
Massive Launch
На биржу выведено ещё 1% токенов WTR 1.560.000.000
DAO Making
Build alliances with other Tile-owners to yield extra water from Rain
DEX launch
Use Water to attack or to defend. Take over Tile ownership and all assets staked inside if you win.
Conflict auctions
The ability of fair and legal redistribution of property over Tiles and over all their assets. Use water to bid for your ownership rights.
One Dollar Sale
Limited supply
There are 516,000 Tiles in total divided into 10 batches. The price of the Tile in the first batch is 1$ and it doubles up with each batch reaching $512.
$1 per Tile now!
This is a chance to save money while tiles are still available
go to buy tiles
to start mining and getting water
  • Price per Tile
    Early Bird
    Pool Capacity
    51,600 Tiles
  • $2
    Wave 2
    51,600 Tiles
  • $4
    Wave 3
    51,600 Tiles
  • $8
    Wave 4
    51,600 Tiles
  • $16
    Wave 5
    51,600 Tiles
  • $32
    Wave 6
    51,600 Tiles
  • $64
    Wave 7
    51,600 Tiles
  • $128
    Wave 8
    51,600 Tiles
  • $256
    Wave 9
    51,600 Tiles
  • $512
    Wave 10
    51,600 Tiles
Join now
Rewater the Crypto Promised Land! The salvation and liberation for the market at its historic turning point state.
Multistake any Crypto