re:water provides utility
for *ALL crypto
Let your crypto tokens work
for you in re:water.
Multistake *any Crypto
How to get rewards?
Step 1
Own a Tile
Tile is a Deposit Slot for assets.
Earlier Tiles cost less!
Get Tiles...
Step 2
Stake Tokens
Get 50-1000% APY on your stake in $WTR Token
Regular rain drops
in 1-10 days.
$WTR — the Ultimate crypto liquidity
WTR rewards occur through staking other crypto.
Staking on re:water requires the daily melting fee.
Melting hundreds of tradable crypto provides WTR rewards with ultimate liquidity!
Use $Water to:
Activate Tiles
Activate the owned Tiles with $WTR stake. This creates the initial gravity making Tiles visible for the Rain algorithm.
Activate Stake
Activate each stake of any desired token to start earning APY. The activation requires a 30% $WTR equivalent of your ‘any token’ staking amount.
Compete for APYs
Attack and Defend Tiles of others using $WTR tokens through the conflict auction feature.
The Cloud
Re:water is a fair launch project.
84.77% of Water is stored in an independent CLOUD repository.
It is only influenced by the participants of the system.

The Rain
The only way to get Water from the Cloud is the automated Rain Algorithm.
Rain’s frequency is 1-10 days.
Its volume depends on TVL of all stakes on the platform.
The Surface
The surface of re:water is divided into NFT land plots — Tiles.
Owning a Tile, you get access to all platform features:
Compete for digital assets in conflict auctions.
Stake *any assets and get WTR
Join a crypto alliance
Unlocked Valuation at TGE = 1,1M $
Percent of
Total supply
at TGE
Pre-seed investors
Round A investors
Round B investors
KOLs Round
Coin Liquidity
Undistributed Cloud
18 Months
12 Months
12 Months
12 Months
12 Months
12 Months
18 Months
12 Months
18 Mo.
12 Mo.
12 Mo.
12 Mo.
12 Mo.
12 Mo.
18 Mo.
12 Mo.
Initial token price = 0.001 $
The roadmap
David Mironovsky, CEO
David is the ultimate leader and social-economic innovator.

Having a strong passion for entrepreneurship, he co-founded funded >$20M and gained substantial traction in three projects prior to re:water.

David is a preeminent contributor to the re:water concept and the creator of the re:water stack product portfolio.

Previously founded socio-financial startup Nimses has set an industry record by getting 1 million installs within 1 week after its launch.
Victor Strelbitsky, COO
Being a strong executor, coordinator and re:water organization leader, Viktor has over 14 years of creation and growing technologies ventures experience.

Prior to re:water Victor has co-founded Nimses and the social scoring platform Endorphin.

A platform that is famous for its product Crediograph — real time financial scoring for online lending.

Viktor holds an MA degree in Finance from the “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” National University.
Vasyl Kryvonos,
VP of business operations
Vasyl is the organizational growth strategist and well recognized C-level executive with a proven successful track record.

He has over 14 years of experience in business development, strategic planning and operations management.

His professional background includes CTO, COO and CEO roles at top Ukrainian companies in high tech marketing, fintech, smart government, startups etc.

Vasyl graduated from the Taras Shevchenko National University and has a Master’s degree in Applied Physics. He is also a certified PMP by PMI. 
Sergey Ostroverkhov,
Sergey has over 15 years of software development experience and expertise in enterprise transactional solutions he gained in the banking sphere, and well recognized product companies.

In re:water, he builds top performing engineering processes based on best practice approaches.

Sergey holds Master’s degree in Economic Cybernetics from the Kyiv National Economic University.
November, Weeks 2–3
Water Drop Lottery
50% шанс получить Токены воды в Тайл. Призовой фонд будет выбран по результатам One Dollar Sale Campain.
DEX launch
Запуск децентрализованной биржи. Продавай или покупай токены воды, готовься.
Each Tile participate!
Nov, Week 3
Mining Launch
One Dollar Sale
Успей купить от 1 до 3 Тайлов по беспрецедентной цене $1. Tile Price is increase twice every Step. One Step — 51,600 purchased Tiles.
Limited Proposition
Price starts from One Dollar but increase twice every 51,600nd Tile
Next Step
Среди Тайлов будут разыграны токены воды!
Just $1 × Tile️
Лучший момент, чтобы войти в проект! Hurry up!
Tile is one of the 516,000,000 mining pools on the liquidity field that attracts Water Tokens from Cloud
Cloud is Repository of Liquidity contains 156,000,000,000 Water Tokens that are algorithmically distributing to the Tiles
January 2022
Massive Launch
На биржу выведено ещё 1% токенов WTR 1.560.000.000
DAO Making
Build alliances with other Tile-owners to yield extra water from Rain
DEX launch
Use Water to attack or to defend. Take over Tile ownership and all assets staked inside if you win.
Conflict auctions
The ability of fair and legal redistribution of property over Tiles and over all their assets. Use water to bid for your ownership rights.
One Dollar Sale
Limited supply
There are 516,000 Tiles in total divided into 10 batches. The price of the Tile in the first batch is 1$ and it doubles up with each batch reaching $512.
$1 per Tile now!
This is a chance to save money while tiles are still available
go to buy tiles
to start mining and getting water
  • Price per Tile
    Early Bird
    Pool Capacity
    51,600 Tiles
  • $2
    Wave 2
    51,600 Tiles
  • $4
    Wave 3
    51,600 Tiles
  • $8
    Wave 4
    51,600 Tiles
  • $16
    Wave 5
    51,600 Tiles
  • $32
    Wave 6
    51,600 Tiles
  • $64
    Wave 7
    51,600 Tiles
  • $128
    Wave 8
    51,600 Tiles
  • $256
    Wave 9
    51,600 Tiles
  • $512
    Wave 10
    51,600 Tiles
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