re:water decentralized applications provide second life to assets of millions of people.
Re:water Economy
economic algorythm in re:water
In re:water economic cycle duplicates the principle of the water cycle in the Earth nature.
Core Elements
The Cloud
Re:water's Repository
84.77% of Water is stored in an independent CLOUD repository.
It is only influenced by the independent algorythm

The Rain
The only way to get Water from the Cloud is the automated Rain Algorithm.
Rains’ frequency is 1-10 days.
Each portion of Water Tokens to distributed called "Rain” and depends on TVL on the platform.

APY in system
The Surface
The surface of re:water is divided into NFT land plots — Tiles.
Owning a Tile you get access to all platform features:
Compete for digital assets in conflict auctions.
Stake *any assets and get WTR
Join a crypto alliance
How to use
Start with Tiles
Owning Tiles provides access to all platform features.
Tiles’ price
Timeline of opportunity
Tiles’ sale start at an unprecedented price of $1.
Every next wave increases its price.
🔥current price
$1 – $32
$32 – $64
$64 – $128
🔥 Buy Tiles 🔥
Get access to all

Play and earn with re:water
Learn more about the features
Buy TilesPurchase the Tile!
① Multistaking
Multi-Bridges v1.0
All about Multistaking
How to Multistake?
Stake *any assets and get $WTR
Step 1
Create a wallet
Create a wallet in your

re:water account
how to create a wallet
Step 2
Bridge assets
Bridge your assets
to re:water chain
watch manual
Step 4
Activate Stake
Activate your stake with

a 30% equivalent in $WTR
watch manual
From now on, the Rain algorithm knows that your Tile has Gravity
Rains will fill your Tile with $WTR tokens

from the recurring airdrops.
Go Multistaking!
Step 3
Stake Tokens
Stake *any token
in your Tile
manual for staking
The “Rain” algorithm distributes $WTR
tokens among active Stakes every 1-10 days.
*current list of supported tokens may be checked on the Bridge
$WTR — the Ultimate crypto liquidity
WTR rewards occur through staking other crypto.
Staking on re:water requires the daily melting fee.
Melting hundreds of tradable crypto provides WTR rewards with ultimate liquidity!
APY amount in $WTR
depend on the
Total Gross Stake.
Gross Stake is the total amount of staked
external assets on the re:water platform.
Average APY for 73 Rains
Gross Stake
$1.00 to $100k
$100k to $250k
$250k to $1M
$1M to $2.5M
$2.5M to $7M
$7M to $50M
$50M to $100M
$100M to $1B
$1B to $10B
For instance, the Total Gross Stake is the equivalent of $500,000💰.
This Gross Stake amount corresponds to the range of APY of 241%-300%. 🤑
There is an average of 73 Rains 🌧 per year. Thus the next session of Rain will bring a random amount in the range of 3,5% to 4,1%. That means if a user staked 100$ 💸 worth of ETH into his TIle,
he can expect that the next Rain will drop 3,5$-4,1$ worth of WTR coin into the Tile with the aforementioned stake.
The EARLIER you stake the MORE you get! ⭐️⭐️⭐️
② Alliances & Conflicts
Conflicts are inevitable.
It's a limited space in an ultra competitive
Crypto industry.
The whole entirety of Crypto Communities
are competing for this scarce resource
 and their market dominance.
WTR rewards occur through staking other crypto.
Tiles are the only mining tool for
future APY gains from Rains.
There are all kinds of altcoins staked
in Tiles that you can try and take over.
For the First Time ever
( ! )

crypto community
can publicly redistribute property.
Alliances & ConflictsDiscover more
November, Weeks 2–3
Water Drop Lottery
50% шанс получить Токены воды в Тайл. Призовой фонд будет выбран по результатам One Dollar Sale Campain.
DEX launch
Запуск децентрализованной биржи. Продавай или покупай токены воды, готовься.
Each Tile participate!
Nov, Week 3
Mining Launch
One Dollar Sale
Успей купить от 1 до 3 Тайлов по беспрецедентной цене $1. Tile Price is increase twice every Step. One Step — 51,600 purchased Tiles.
Limited Proposition
Price starts from One Dollar but increase twice every 51,600nd Tile
Next Step
Среди Тайлов будут разыграны токены воды!
Just $1 × Tile️
Лучший момент, чтобы войти в проект! Hurry up!
Tile is one of the 516,000,000 mining pools on the liquidity field that attracts Water Tokens from Cloud
Cloud is Repository of Liquidity contains 156,000,000,000 Water Tokens that are algorithmically distributing to the Tiles
January 2022
Massive Launch
На биржу выведено ещё 1% токенов WTR 1.560.000.000
DAO Making
Build alliances with other Tile-owners to yield extra water from Rain
DEX launch
Use Water to attack or to defend. Take over Tile ownership and all assets staked inside if you win.
Conflict auctions
The ability of fair and legal redistribution of property over Tiles and over all their assets. Use water to bid for your ownership rights.
One Dollar Sale
Limited supply
There are 516,000 Tiles in total divided into 10 batches. The price of the Tile in the first batch is 1$ and it doubles up with each batch reaching $512.
$1 per Tile now!
This is a chance to save money while tiles are still available
go to buy tiles
to start mining and getting water
  • Price per Tile
    Early Bird
    Pool Capacity
    51,600 Tiles
  • $2
    Wave 2
    51,600 Tiles
  • $4
    Wave 3
    51,600 Tiles
  • $8
    Wave 4
    51,600 Tiles
  • $16
    Wave 5
    51,600 Tiles
  • $32
    Wave 6
    51,600 Tiles
  • $64
    Wave 7
    51,600 Tiles
  • $128
    Wave 8
    51,600 Tiles
  • $256
    Wave 9
    51,600 Tiles
  • $512
    Wave 10
    51,600 Tiles
Ready to roll?
here are some easy steps to begin
Buy Tiles
Buy Multistaking Slots — Tiles
(NFTs for mining/deposit slots)
Stake *any crypto token into your Tile
Activate your Stake with $WTR
Wait for Rains
Tile ownership can be challenged through conflict auctions using $WTR.

Tiles are able to form alliances to pursue material or ideological goals.

80% of all $WTR tokens used in conflict auctions "evaporate" / return to the original repository ("Global Cloud").
Roll now!