The Unified
Economic Cycle
for all Crypto
The Repository of Liquidity contains 156,000,000,000 Water Tokens
Every 3–14 days, 0.2–1.5% of water tokens from the Cloud are algorithmically distributed among the Tiles
516,000 mining-pools on the liquidity field that draw Rain
Conflict auctions drive property redistribution
Tile owners unite forces for protection and mining
The force created by token staking that increases Tiles ability to draw rainwater.
Only in re:water
Unique mining
A unique independent mining protocol based on the ownership of Tiles — limited land areas.
Conflict auctions
The ability of fair and legal redistribution of property over Tiles and over all their assets. Use water to bid for your ownership rights.
Ultimate utility
re:water is designed to provide the entire decentralized industry with a role and function. The Tiles aim to contain the predominant share of total industry liquidity.
The Layer-2 System for all Decentralized Economy
re:water is the ultimate utility for and above all existing tokens.
The Metaverse of Liquidity.
Get Water!
The unique and simple mining principle: get the ownership over a Tile and Deposit any token to build up gravity.
Wait for the Rain and Profit!
Buy Tiles 🤘
Water is raining from the limited depository
There are two algorithmic variables: period of rainfall and rain volume.
Rain distributes its water capacity among all tiles
In proportion to the gravity of each.
Use Water to attack. Use Water to defend.
Take over Tile ownership and all assets staked inside if you win.
Start your own path to dominance
Sounds like a game? Maybe… but the winner gets real assets worth millions – life-game, huh!
Meet the Conflict auctions. It is designed to reshape the whole decentralized industry, driving it onto the next level of global Fairness Protocol.
Now, anyone can challenge any other person's ownership over the particular piece of the limited mining area — Tile.
It's all about your Place in the Rain. Profitable returns of water from the rain drives the necessity for Tile ownership. That's why it is tough to keep your status as a water-miner.
Accumulate power! Accumulate influence! Unite your allies and spread your influence!
Build alliances with other Tile‑owners
An alliance of Tiles yields extra water from rain. It makes it significantly harder to attack a member of an Alliance.
Unite people! Speak powerfully!
Alliances represent ideological, economical, regional, or even religious beliefs and protect its members from raiders.
Go Water, go!
How it works
You own a Tile
Strategy 1
Maximizing gains
You realize that the next rain will bring several million dollars to the field of tiles, one or several of which are yours.
You aim to get as much Water 💧💧💧 out of the Rain as possible.
Therefore, you increase the gravity of your tile stacking any crypto tokens inside the Tile.
Every token makes it heavier.
But mind that you are on the predator's radar. Be prepared that someone may start a "conflict auction" against you. ⚔️⚔️⚔️
Buy Tiles 🤘
You own Water
Strategy 2
You use water in your private accounts and stake it into nodes, receiving a portion of the commission.

You also use water to provide liquidity on DEX and get your commission back.
You are NOT taking big risks. Your income is average
Sometimes you put water in other people's tiles that are sufficiently protected. You are confident enough it is not likely someone will take them over.
You hodl Water
Strategy 3
Medium to moderate profitability
Water is limited
Tiles are limited
Liquidity is unlimited
You possess water in private accounts. It just sits there.

You want to sell it as soon as the demand rises due to another war of some big guys. Or when the price of water will simply go up.
You are NOT at risk at all. You earn on the growth of the rate
Water Liquidity Recycle
Cloud periodically pours water in to Tiles
Predetermined water amount
Water allows you to take over the Tiles of others, which in turn increase your gains
Mine more water and increase mining speed
Tiles with Gravity
Put any
crypto tokens
Platform launch Roadmap
Step 1: Colonization
Tiles automatically mine $water from Rain. Be fast to colonize yours, every next Tile tier doubles in price.
Buy Tiles 🤘
Mid of Nov
Step 2: Water Drop
50% of all Tile owners will automatically receive the initial water drop.
Mid of Nov
Step 3: Rain
The water cycle begins. The Rains start falling, pouring $water in Tiles.
Mid of Nov
Step 4: Alliance wars
Complete conflict and alliance mechanics deployed. Let the action begin!
Buy Tiles 🤘
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Exchange your tokens directly for Water
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Exchange your Tokens for Water in
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124,456,000 WTR для пресейла по текущему курсу
4 сорта токенов 800 токенов
2% от воды в системе
3 сорт
15% квота
1 сорт
60% квота
1 сорт
60% квота
4 сорт
5% квота
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